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GUEST HOUSE AN ; Otsu Back Packers House

Otsu Shiga prefecture is,
The beautiful scenery in this region, including Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan, and Mt.Hiei, one of the holiest mountains in the country, make Otsu an ideal place to base yourself when visiting the Kansai region.
The area is also known for a number of historical figures including Murasaki Shikibu, author of "A Tale of Genji" the feudal lords Nobunaga Oda, Hideyoshi Toyotomi who strove to unify Japan, and the poet Matsuo Basho.

Guesthouse AN (Back Packers House), located in Otsu and open since November 2010, looks forward to
welcoming you to this region with its unparalleled scenic beauty and cultural heritage.

Otsu is very convenient to get to by the JR Express train "Haruka" from Kansai Airport, the "Shinkansen"
or bullet train stopping at Kyoto station or a network of local rail lines from Kyoto, Nara, Osaka and Kobe.

*Click on the photos below, and you can see the details of hearty hospitality unique to our guesthouse.

Free use of kitchen
Free use of bathtub with shower
Free use of airconditioner
Free use of an individual locker
Free use of washing machine
Free use of internet
Free use of two car parking spaces

*Reserve via website, and you can rent a bicycle for free.

Both rooms are Japanese-style: "tatami" (straw mat about 6 feet by 3) room with sleeping
mats called "Futon".
Japanese-style Twin Room ( 2 people use) JPY3,150 (tax included)
Japanese-style Triple Room ( 3 people use) JPY2,900 (tax included)
The above rates are per person, per night, and include a linen fee and 5% tax and service charges.
*Please confirm the cancellation policy of Guesthouse AN (Back Packers House) in advance.

Transfer at JR Zeze Sta. or JR Ishiyama Keihan Railway and get off at Nakanosho Sta..
5-minute walk from the station.

12-minute, bound for JR Kyoto Sta. from JR Zeze Sta.
90-minute, bound for JR Kansai Airport Sta. from JR Ishiyama Sta. (Only early morning, Express train
"Haruka" arrives at and departs from the Station)

Please reserve on the reservation page Guesthouse AN (Back Packers House) website.
You can confirm room availability and immediately reserve. (We do not accept reservations
by e-mail & by telephone.)

When making a reservation, we will ask for a non-refundable deposit equal to 10% of the room charge.

The remaining payment is due upon arrival at our house (by Credit Card or by Cash).

We accept reservations four months in advance.
Children under age seven are not accepted.

10-minute on foot to the lake shore of Lake Biwa .
Along Keihan "Ishizaka"(Ishiyamadera-Sakamoto) line, nationally famous Temples and Shrines.
Ishiyama"dera" (We say "temple"into"dera"or"tera"or "ji"in Japanese), Mii"dera", Hiei"zan"
: the head temple of the Tendai sect, (We say "mount"into "zan"or "san"or"yama"
in Jap.), Saikyo"ji", Ohmi-jingu (We say "shrine" into jingu in Jap.), and so on.
15-minute on foot to the local supermarket, 24-hour convenience store, and a reasonably priced family
restaurant, Fast-Food restauraunt, etc.
And then, Pharmacy, General Hospital, Public Bath having some kinds of facilities : a sauna,
jacuzzi, and so on .

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